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Where you come from doesn’t limit God

Tears welled in Amelia’s eyes as she pondered the faithfulness of God in not only her life, but in that of her younger siblings. It was on this mountain with no grandeur that time and time again God had proven His faithfulness and His grandeur. But she hadn’t always understood that.

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NTM@work March 2015 cover

Meet the needs you see in faith

March 2015

In the face of massive needs, what can you do? Where do you start? One man did what he could – and trusted God for the rest.

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Looking for a Dream Job?

July 2014

What kind of people translate the Bible? Why do they do it? What’s it like? Could you join the team as a Bible translator? The answers may surprise you.

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Where does the journey start?

March 2014

The completion of an important milestone for the Siawi people begs the question that hundreds of people groups are asking: Where are the men and women who will bring God’s Word to us? We know a great place to start.

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The Vision No One Could Kill

August 2013

Dreams often die when the original dreamer dies. The fire, zeal and passion that ignited their vision, and also fueled others to participate, can die right along with them. Not so with the original vision of NTM. Seventy-one years later, the dream is still alive. But so is the enemy.

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No Grit, No Glory

May 2013

Sometimes tribal peoples’ hearts seem as dry and dusty as the landscape. Ministry can become a discouraging, daily grind. But as Leah Humphreys discovered, giving up would mean missing out.

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The Village that God Remembered

February 2013

For many years, the Dinangat people watched and heard about missionaries coming to other tribes. They saw the changes. They knew God’s Word had something to do with it. But no one ever came to the Dinangat village. Had they been forgotten? Would they ever know the truth? How could they get out of this darkness? Then one day, the answers came.

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