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God Does The Connecting

Trevor and Judy Clarke, NZ New Tribes Mission representatives, first met Stephanie during a class where they shared about the work of NTM at Shepherds Bible College.  She had taken the whole of the […]

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See the Mwinika Bible Translation Through to Completion

Beyond Thankful
Sherife was more than just a Mwinika man to Bible translator Phil Henderson. He was a fellow believer, one of the first Mwinika Bible teachers, and a Bible translation helper. He was also […]

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Prevent Hewa Women from Being Murdered

An Outbreak of Measles
After an outbreak of measles in Papua New Guinea brought death to the Hewa village, a witch hunt began. Blame had to be assigned. Someone had to be held responsible. And […]

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Church Planting Requires the Church

How Many People Did You Say?
6,823. According to PeopleGroups.org, that’s the number of unreached people groups around the world. That’s more than 4.1 billion people! People among whom “there is no indigenous community of […]

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From Troublemaker to Disciple-maker

Off to a Bad Start
“At a young age, I became a problem for my family, my friends and school,” admits Ramon Murillo. After being expelled from school, he joined other young delinquents on the […]

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Dogfights, Mud and the Truth

The crowd waited expectantly, their attention flitting between Gordie speaking and the stacks of plastic-wrapped Manjui New Testaments. And then the long-awaited moment came. The Manjui pastors and leaders ripped away the packaging and began passing out the New Testaments.

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